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The Reference to the “Names Of The Universities” is to give a General Idea about the Location Of the Universities within their respective countries. This is NOT to imply that Insight has any relation/tie-up/understanding what-so-ever with these Institutions.

Insight DOES NOT make any claim that it has any Direct Association with the mentioned universities (Except for the ones which have appointed Insight as an “Authorised Representative.”) Insight is a facilitator, helping students go through the application process of the Institutions and DOES NOT guarantee admission in any of the Institutions before or during the process.
The Information provided in The Website is True & Just. Insight HAS INDEED “Processed” Visa Files of the students mentioned in the “Visas & Testimonials” sections. The IELTS Results, Visas Granted & Testimonials are Authentic & Corroborated by FACTS & FIGURES.