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(GMAT®) Graduate Management Aptitude Test

GMAT® is the Mandatory Entrance Exam for Master Of Business Administration programmes at Top B-schools in the world in the U.S. & in some case U.K. & other Countries. The GMAT® score is valid for five years, however most of the universities prefer scores which are not more than 2-3 years old. The Verbal Section of GMAT® requires a thorough grasp on The Critical Reasoning and Grammatical Structures, which constitute a Major Part of the Section. Similarly, a wide range of Reading Comprehensions- taken on the screen makes the Test formidable. The Analytical Writing Section constitutes Two Critical essays. The Mathematical Section constitutes Number Systems, Arithmatic & Algebra, Geometry and Components Of Modern Mathematics. GMAT® is scored out of 800 with sectional weightage of 400 for each component. The Analytical Section is graded on a scale of 0-6.

Computer Based GMAT® Test Content And Structure

The GMAT exam begins with the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA). The AWA consists of one writing task— Analysis of an Argument. You are allowed 30 minutes to complete this section. Following an optional break, you then begin with the Quantitative Section of the GMAT exam. This section contains 37 multiple-choice questions of two question types—Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving. You are allowed a maximum of 75 minutes to complete the entire section. After completion of the Quantitative Section (following an optional break), you begin the Verbal Section of the GMAT exam. This section contains 41 multiple choice questions of three question types—Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, and Sentence Correction. You are allowed a maximum of 75 minutes to complete the entire section.

Section No. of Questions Time
Analytical Writing Assessment
Analysis of an Argument 1 Topic 30 Mins
Optional Rest Break 5 Mins
Quantitative Section 37 Questions 75 Mins
Problem Solving
Data Sufficiency
Optional Rest Break 5 Mins
Verbal Section 41 Questions 75 Mins
Reading Comprehension
Critical Reasoning
Sentence Correction

(Source: Official GMAT website - https://www.mba.com/exams )