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Welcome to Insight Education & Consultancy

Welcome to Insight Education & Consultancy.... A Leading name in the Field Of Study Abroad & Foreign Education. Insight is in the business of Counselling & Processing Students who wish to Study Abroad for Their Higher studies. The Directors Mrs. Kritika Sharma & Saurabh Sharma are the Pioneers in this field in their region. Their profiles are mentioned separately. Located in Jaipur, the beautiful “Pink City” Of India, Insight exudes, in its own way - an aura of rich Heritage & Legacy, which the land of Rajasthan in itself is a symbol of. Such a metaphor is truly apt for Insight- because ever since its inception in 2002- Insight has come a long way in serving the student community in the field of Foreign Education.

Started solely from a two-room rented house, by its Director Mrs. Kritika Sharma, Insight has metamorphosed into a fully blossomed flower- Growing from strength to strength- as the years have passed on. A commonly asked question is- Why a website after 8 odd years of being In Business...?? The answer to that is a simple & humble One..... “We were so busy Serving The Student Community that we forgot about Marketing Ourselves..” exclaims Kritika Ma’am. But That’s The Truth. The word of mouth among the student community has wafted from place to place, & virtually every seriously genuine person around town- planning to go abroad, has heard of Kritika Ma’am- even without the website. In fact, creating a website (& this is in 2011) with all the Glorious Results & Proven Track-record, only enhances the credibility of the Institution. The website only puts forward for the whole world to see- What Insight has managed to accomplish, and a tangible evidence of what it is capable of achieving.

Insight Has been The Pioneering Institute For IELTS preparation in the city. Results & Testimonials Of Insight Students are attached herewith for your perusal. We pride ourselves in providing students with “Professional Services” with “Personal Attention.” A significant component of our services is the Word “TRUST”- which is the soul behind how we operate. Our mission is to build this “faith & trust” in the Student Community- which lays its future in our palms, & we feel “Accountable” towards that Faith & Trust The student community bestows on us...That is why, we celebrate our students' success and make them feel a part of our "Insight Family." (Refer to the Gallery Sections)

We hope that you would Feel That element of “Faith & Trust” while visiting our website....

Happy Browsing..!!