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Why Study Abroad..??
The Significance Of Education In Indian Society
In Indian Society, Two aspects of Children’s Lifetime are given utmost Priority by Parents “Good Quality Education” & sound, successful “Marriage.” Parents earn for their lifetime to provide the best resources & means to their Children. In fact, a Successful Career is often perceived as the Pre-cursor to Prospects Of Better Match-Making. No wonder, in today’s times Education has become such a big Industry....sadly with its endearing significance, the Commercial Aspect of this Pure Industry pervades the whole way the Industry functions presently.

The Scenario In India- The Over Supply with Comprised Quality
There are so many Institutions/ Colleges/ Universities opening in today’s times that there is an Education Hub just round every nook & corner of the city. Institutions are hammering at the Student Community- through Education Fairs, Media Publicity- Collecting Database- Emailing, Sms ing and Tele-calling. In fact, there are vendors who SELL the so-gathered database of students to Institutions- for them to approach & Convert Potential Leads.
Marketing per se is not a bad concept. But what it does is leave the Student Community baffled, confused & intimidated about what Career Decisions it should Make- & how to discern the average institution from the established quality institution. In addition, the over-supply of institution- brings with it- a compromise in Quality, Development & Learning-. Hence, The whole objective of undertaking a ”Quality Education” is defeated- not to mention the waste of Time & Money (especially, Time- which never returns, & the precious years of a young student’s life go waste, without a significant outcome.) An over-supply & under-quality of Engineers & MBAs graduating every year from India is a reflection of the current state of Higher Education in the country. The quality institutions like the IITs & IIMs have such tough Entrance Examination System that an Average student finds it virtually impossible to seek admission in the Top-Ranked Institutions of the Country. It is a widely accepted belief that getting into the IIMs is even tougher than getting into The Harvard Business School- a Top Business School In The World.

Hence, The Case For Study Abroad- Top Universities With Variety of Programmes
The irony of all this is that The Top 200 Universities In the World, do not even feature ANY of the Indian Institutions (QS World Rankings 2016 www.topuniversities.com) Hence, it's baffling why the student community runs in the Rat Race of Competitive Exams- when they can instead find Better Opportunities abroad.

    Significant aspects about studying Abroad are:
  • Better Ranked Universities with International Repute & Global Employability
  • Wide Array Of Courses, Specialisations & Choices Based On Individual’s Interest & Aptitude
  • Same Financial Input & In General a better Return on investment (ROI)
  • Easier Entry Requirements Than Top Institutions In India
  • Better Post Study Work prospects with Opportunities To Settle Abroad
  • Better All-round Development Of Student with Global exposure

Hence, in all- Our experience has proven that an average student, who struggles to establish a successful career in India, outshines in the Open Free-Economy, Equal-Opportunity scenario of the developed countries Like the U.K., Australia, U.S. – where an On-Ground performance matters more than Degrees, Rankings & Social Stature. Of course it depends on the Individual’s Competence, Adaptability & Application because Every individual’s success is in his/her hands. We are only Lamplighters- to Show & Pave the Way for Students. They, themselves have to trudge & embark on the journey to success & reach their destiny.
Best wishes..!!

Kritika & Saurabh Sharma