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IELTS Testimonials

Insight Education Center

I would not be wrong in saying that I did not join Insight, but I became part of a family of amazing individuals who are dedicated to helping me achieve my dreams. I have always had an ambition of pursuing my Master's from some of the best colleges in the world, but I was concerned that my profile was not enough for these esteemed institutes. But Insight helped me see that my dream could become a reality, provided I put in the effort. And so began my quest .I was fairly confident of my English when I joined their IELTS classes but 1 class with Kritika Ma'am changed that. Over the duration of the course, I learned a plethora of new things and discovered nuances of English I never knew. She is quite assuredly the best IELTS teacher a student can hope for, I also joined the GRE classes taught by Saurabh Sir & Vikas Sir, and I discovered a whole world of possibilities. No other institute even bothers suggesting GRE because they don't have anyone to teach it. Saurabh Sir's vocabulary is God-tier and he can probably score full marks in GRE by himself, which is something I CANNOT say for any teacher in Jaipur. Rajasthan even, Thus I would like to thank Kritika Ma'am, Saurabh Sir and Vikas Sir for guiding me to be better student. I would also like to thank Sadhana Ma'am and Ruhi Ma'am as well as all the counselors there in helping me understand the dynamics of higher education in different countries.

I have been to many institutions for studies..None matches the professionalism of this one...For IELTS in Jaipur there is no other institute like Insight because of its Pioneer Ms. Kritika. She is the best, Period. The Institute gives you freedom to give your test exams as many times you want. The experience of Ms. Kritika ma’am is beyond excellence, read her Pointers before you give exam and you will not fail.

The place is filled with very friendly and helpful people. I'm taking the crash course for IELTS and at every little steps i have Kritika ma'am helping me. In short the institution is great for kick starting your future abroad!

I'd like to thank the insight team for preparing me well and helping me through all my tasks. I feel privileged to have attended coaching’s under great mentor, Kritika ma'am and other faculty members who made me feel motivated and confident. It's because of their hard work and optimistic nature that I could score a 7.5 band score. In spite of studying in a boarding school, their constant support and availability helped me at every sphere. My further journey with the insight team will surely be an amazing one as it has been so far.

So grateful to the institute. Really helped me to achieve good scores in IELTS in almost 15 days preparation. I went for the crash course. The attention given and prep material is really helpful. Special thanks to Kritika ma'am and Shivani ma'am, who helped me to polish my speaking writing and reading skills made me confident enough.

This is the best place for IELTS not only in Jaipur as I also skipped going to Chandigarh so as to prepare from here. Also Kritika Ma'am is one kind of a person who will put her 100% efforts and concentrate fully on each student. I came here by the reference of her name. I had an amazing experience here!

Insight Education is the perfect destination for IELTS coaching. I thank Kritika Ma’am for her to the point, goal directed coaching. My only suggestion for candidates preparing for IELTS is to just absorb as such whatever ma’am teaches, practice it as much as possible in the way ma’am suggests to develop your reflexes at spinal level and achieve the goal. I once again pay my gratitude to Kritika mam for helping me achieving good scores in IELTS. I once again pay my gratitude to Kritika mam for helping me achieving good scores in IELTS.

This place has an extremely welcoming environment. Kritika ma’am is a phenomenal teacher and it is a joy learning from her. All the topics are properly covered and it has proved to be extremely helpful for me.

I am glad to share that I have scored overall band of 8 in IELTS GT exam held on 1st Feb 2018. This was my third attempt and previously I was stuck at band 7.5 in listening. To improve my score i joined Insight in the month of Jan This institute is one point of solution for all your preparation. Kritika ma’am' methodology is great .She has designed the course in such a manner that all the aspects of the exam are covered in depth. The hard work she puts in teaching each and every section of all the four modules is simply superb. I would not be reluctant in saying that she is the best in Jaipur. The overall environment of the class was great and i really enjoyed my time there. Also, the best part is you can always approach her for any doubts you have and she will personally address those issues without any delay. At last ,I would like to share that the energy with which Vikas sir motivates the students is really helpful. Overall it was a great experience

I'm a student of 12 class right now and wanted to go to the US for my higher studies. For this, I started looking for the best institute for both consultancy and helping me prepare for the SAT and IELTS tests. And my search ended when I came at Insight and then the faculty here, including Kritika Ma'am, Saurabh Sir, and Vikas Sir, started to help me with anything and everything that I needed for the tests and sending application to the universities. From their help and support, I managed to get a good score of 1310 on SAT and an amazing score of 7.5 bands in IELTS. Now we're waiting for the universities to reply to my applications, and I have a good feeling that the hard work we've put in as a team will show great colors and I'll get a positive response from the universities! Thank you Insight!

Insight Education has helped me a lot in achieving a really good score (114) in the TOEFL held on the 26th Nov, 2017. I extend my gratefulness towards Kritika ma'am and the excellent teaching and counseling she provides. In the short duration that I was there, the help and the environment she provided, coupled with the administrative expertise of Saurabh Sir and the series of mocks she put me through, I was very composed and prepared for the kind of pressure that tests like TOEFL put you through. I thank this institution and recommend it to all TOEFL/IELTS aspirants!

The time when i joined insight i have a sort of phobia of English but due to kritika ma’am teaching methods and interactive sessions now i am comfortable with English. She not only provides best guidance and preparation for IELTS, she helps to figure out my weakness and worked hard with me so that i can overcome them.

I am a busy doctor in a Renowned Private Hospital in Jaipur. When my another fellow colleague told me that he was taking classes at Kritika Ma’am, I couldn’t figure out how “I” could take regular time out from my Patient Consultations Hours....When I approached Kritika ma’am, I told her upfront that “Look..tell me in Short & Sweet – what tips & tricks I need to execute in order to score 7 Bands in IELTS (& I Had to..) Kritika ma’am was very patient with me & suggested me (from her experience) how Working Professionals- especially the ones seeking Permanent Residence – could apply themselves & score the desired Bands. I bought that advice & my performance speaks for itself. I’m humbled how I could score 9 out of 9 in BOTH Listening & Reading- a feat I’m told is unheard of....But I’m happier for my fellow colleague who had struggled in some other institute- but with Kritika Ma’am’s blessings, he managed more than a Straight 7 In all the Modules. God bless him for he was the one who had introduced me to Kritika ma’am..!!

My parents had shifted from Kenya to Jaipur and I had no idea of local public. Then in an exhibition, I met Kritika ma’am. When I took counselling at Insight- I knew this was the place for me. Initially when I wrote a test during my training, I had got a 6 Band. I was disheartened, but with Kritika ma’am’s encouragement & tips, I ended up getting 8 Bands Overall in my IELTS. All credit goes to Kritika ma’am’s guidance, method of teaching and most of all, the friendly & comfortable atmosphere created by her in the classroom. . I benefitted tremendously from her tips on Reading Comprehension- especially the “Yes-No-Not Given” questions. I’m told that there’s not been any other student who has scored 9 out of 9 in the Reading module- at least in immediate known records. That made me feel special..!! reason enough to lodge my file for U.K. from Insight only.

I had heard of Kritika ma’am through my Nursing College where I was working as Nursing Tutor. When I joined Insight, I could immediately relate with Kritika ma’am. I knew she had the qualities of a Good Tutor. She not only related with the students- their different levels Of understanding- but also her way of explaining the concept differently to different students- impressed me. She has very light-hearted approach in removing the exam fear from students. I am impressed how she juggles so efficiently in a mixed classroom- with students from varying levels of English, age group, social backgrounds, & professional diversity. She manages to conduct herself with ease- while taking every class.

Having pursued MBA from Australia in 2010 & after my Two Years Of Education, I Needed to Reappear in IELTS- in which I required an 8 Bands Overall To get my PR (Permanent Residentship), because my Employer in Australia had demanded a score of 8 Bands. I had prepared for IELTS from Kritika Ma’am only in 2008- so After Two Years- The Only person I could count on to prepare myself was Kritika Ma’am Only. I flew down from Australia to take my IELTS in India & undoubtedly Joined Insight Again for my IELTS preparation. I was Delighted to get the scores I did- especially a 7 in writing- which was always evading me. But with Kritika Ma’am’s guidance, I managed an excelled score of 8 Bands Overall- with Not less than 7 Bands Individually. Now I’m Happy & confident as ever, to apply For My PR in Australia. Without the IELTS score, It would have been impossible... but Thanks To Kritika Ma’am.

Though I’ve been an academically bright student- with more than 80% in my BBA, I was never really focussed about my studies. I learnt that IELTS being an exam of Language ability, was all about concentration & focus as well. The Applications Module at Insight, and the simulated environment in the classroom- taught me to be focussed about the exercises that I was taking. One thing was sure- there was no “time pass” at insight. The classes were of 1.5 hrs, but those 1.5 hrs. were all about focus & concentration. I had heard of other institutes where they taught for 4 to 5 hrs a day. Think I would have dozed off in the middle..!! But thanks to Kritika Ma’am. Insight was fun... & so was my processing. When I look back, I can’t help but laugh at the roller-coaster ride I had while being in association with insight. But All is Well ..!!

When I think Of Kritika ma’am, I think of an Elder sister, because that’s what she’s been to me since the last 4 years. I had approached Insight around the New Year in 2006- when I was very dissatisfied with my life & kind of lost for direction. Upon joining, I regularly shared my feelings with Kritika Ma’am, who patiently addressed to my frustrations- mentored & motivated me with her encouraging words. Teaching apart, this “Humane” part of hers makes her a Special Teacher. She advised for the course & Universities. I went on to finish my Advertising Course from RMIT & now am happily settled in Australia. Even now, we are in touch through Orkut & even now, she’s like an elder sister to me. There are no words to describe what influence Kritika Ma’am has had on me & I would cherish that forever my life.